Folding Table

Rafael Carreras Puigdengolas / MYC - C. 1970

Rafael Carreras designed this particular folding table in the 70s. With a clear functionalist character and a marked pop style.

This folding table is developed from a wooden frame, painted in orange, anchored to the wall that contains the top, which is attached to the frame by means of an iconic Polinax door handle designed by Antoni de Moragas in 1961.

When the handle is opened, the white Formica base folds downwards. At the bottom of the table there is a single leg, in the shape of a "T" that unfolds when the table is opened. Inside the wall frame are two small shelves.

Designed for small spaces, this table with a simple architectural style is a timeless example of design that is perfectly useful.

Dimensions: Folded: Width: 65 cm, height: 124 cm, depth: 95 cm. Unfolded: Width: 60 cm, depth: 118 cm, height: 70 cm. 
Condition: Very good condition, hardly any signs of use. 
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Reference: M-0049
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