FenixOriginals is a project inspired by our passion for contemporary design. The universe of excellently designed objects is infinite.

The 20th century has left us pieces and objects that, as well as their quality in terms of form, materials, and use, they provide quality of life and bring quality to the environment. Veritable icons of our habitat.

The accumulation of stories behind these pieces allows us to understand the eras in which they were created and are a way of approaching the Society for which they were created, their designers and architects, and a sensitivity of modern design that remains current.

At FenixOriginals we are dedicated to seeking out these original objects of furniture and lighting, selecting and restoring them, and giving them a second life. With criteria based on historical and technical research, but also on intuition and our particular view.

Our collection of original designs aims to contribute to the memory of object heritage. A timeless presence in the world of the ephemeral.